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Message from the CEO

Since developing the first rigid contact lens in Japan, Menicon has spearheaded the contact lens industry. We will continue to develop safe, high-quality products, and apply the technology developed through contact lenses to pioneer new businesses in fields other than eye care. As a creative specialist company, we will continue to provide products and services needed by society.
To guide us in our new stage of development as a global corporation, we have formulated a new philosophy: "To be a global enterprise that is friendly to people, animals and the environment." We have incorporated ecology as a key element in R&D, as part of our effort to repay the Earth with the technology and wisdom we possess.
The people of the global Menicon Group are working for "Infinite Vision."

Hidenari Tanaka

As an employee at the Tamamizuya optical shop in Nagoya, Kyoichi Tanaka first heard about contact lenses in 1950 from the wife of a U.S. army officer. From this encounter, through his own research, he developed the first corneal contact lens in Japan in 1951. Although he no longer directs the corporation on a day-to-day basis, employees are still able to benefit from and enjoy his advice and guidance.

Kyoichi Tanaka

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