Corporate Principles

Premium Safety and the Menicon Logo

The Joy of Sight, with Peace of Mind

Menicon has a firm commitment to safety,
because we work with people's eyes.
Our top priority is always the health and safety
of our customers' eyes.
We're serious about protecting your eyes
throughout your life,
guided by this consistent corporate philosophy.

Premium Safety Setting the Standard in Safety for the Industry

Menicon manufactures advanced medical devices,
so our top priority always has been the safety of our customers' eyes,
and it always will be.

We set our own safety standards beyond
the conventional wisdom of the times,
and continually strive to make them even better.
By committing ourselves to ever-higher levels of safety,
we share with our customers the thrill and satisfaction of discovery.

Menicon pursues safety consistently
in all of its corporate activities—from production
to distribution and sales—never holding back in the effort to evolve.
We firmly believe this is the social responsibility of any company involved
in medical care, and especially those involved with eyes.

But the Menicon promise goes further:
our employees maintain the ambition and pride of safety advocates,
boldly and persistently facing new challenges,
and creating new dimensions in safety.

The Menicon Logo

The Menicon Logo: Representing Our Consistent Safety, Advanced Technology, and Zeal

The Menicon logo is circular in shape, representing the cornea and our
contact lenses, in the red and green corporate colors.
The red and green are based on the commonly used red/green eye chart.
Passion Red represents our unique products and the zeal that drives
our service, while Techno Green signifies the emphasis our advanced
technologies place on safety assurance.
The white line in the center is the limitless horizon.

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